TRS is very excited to be partnering with BLANC, London’s finest people and planet-friendly garment care specialist. Blanc was founded in 2011 by Ludovic Blanc, who set out to help improve people’s health and the environment by “cleaning up” the garment care industry.

The dominant chemical used by the dry-cleaning industry to clean our garments is a colourless, nonflammable liquid called perchloroethylene (known as PERC). PERC is... nasty.... And long term exposure to it can give you a myriad of health issues (more about that here, on the Blanc website), as well as being toxic for the environment. Needless to say we're all for finding an alternative.

Enter, wet-cleaning. A cleaner, greener, gentler cleaning process, which yeilds better results. No wonder the French have been doing it for years. In fact, they've banned PERC altogether. Sounds like a good idea, doesn't it.

Softer, fresher garment, which has been treated in a more gentle, caring way. What could be better than that?

The Technology
BLANC uses the Electrolux Wet Cleaning System, which doesn't use any PERC. Not only is the resultant water harmless as opposed to toxic, it's also heated on demand which reduces energy usage. Plus, any steam resulting from this process is used in other parts of the cleaning process. AND the process cleans at much lower temperatures, so no melted buttons, ruined sequins or shiny suits.


The Process
Step #1: the stain 'spotting' station where stains are assessed and treated by hand using non-toxic agents.

Step #2: the garment is put into our intelligent specialised cleaning machine. This has a delicate and sophisticated mechanical action to ensure fibres are respected and items can be cleaned gently - a bit like giving them a 'hand wash'. 

Step #3: The appropriate cycle, biodegradable detergent and water is selected for the specific fabric, be it wool, cashmere, silk, lace etc. before the right amount of water is put in.

Step #4: Then comes drying, and ironing or pressing by hand. Using gentle dryers and on special lines, or steam shaping on special machines to give the best finish for the individual item, and hand finishing - your dress should be nearly good as new. 


The Benefits.

  • No toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals on skin or on your clothes.
  • Safe for babies, children and allergy sufferers.
  • Removes organic stains (dry cleaning cannot remove organic stains such as sweat smell).
  • Cleans thoroughly.
  • No shine (often an issue for suits etc. treated with PERC).
  • Softer.
  • Nice smell.
  • Low on energy use, and reduces polluting toxins into the air and water supply

Find out more at Blanc