Meet the contributors to our first sale.  This group of London based women are a mix of stylists, journalists and influencers with varied personal styles we love and hope you will too.


Amy E. Williams
Writer, Editor & Creative Consultant, you'll know Amy for her weekly column in You Magazine and fine eye for searching out the best of what's new.  She's also the founder of leather espadrille brand Drilles who make the most comfortable and chic summer shoes. 

Antonia O'Brien

Fashion editor & presenter we love following Antonia's YouTube channel where she features weekly style videos and interviews editors and influencers in her Power of Dressing series.  A big fan of instagram stories, catch her candid commentary on daily life.

Camille Charriere
One of the fashion industry’s leading influencers, known for her sharp and irreverent take on the role of fashion bloggers today. With over 683k followers on instagram. See her profile on Business of fashion here.
Harriet Stewart
As the new Global Head of Styling at Net-a-Porter Harriet has just stepped into the ultimate curator role - showing us how to style all that NAP has to offer each season. We don't need more certification then that!  Follow her instagram account for a down to earth depiction of life with toddler Huck.
Hedvig Opshaug
In her words... "A cynical-romantic Norwegian in London, a wearer of many hats". Hedvig's championing of Scandinavian brands in the UK has contributed to the explosion in the capital of all things Scandi. Queen of layering get following for style tips as Autumn comes around.
Kelly Eastwood
A true West London local, Kelly was one of the first on the scene.  Combining her love for fashion with environmental work often linked to her family home in Kenya she is an influencer with a conscious. See more on her work with brands like Monica Viander and Elisabeth Scarlett on her blog.
Katherine Ormerod
Founder of the 'anti perfectionist project' Work Work Work, author of Why Social Media is Ruining your Life, content consultant & mother to young Grey... one of the busiest women we know who is breaking the silence on so many of the unsaids in the industry.
Laura Fantacci
Co-founder of Wardrobe Icons, a platform with a matching philosophy to us of investing in forever pieces over fast fashion.  We love Laura's immaculate style and ability to always add the perfect accessories to any outfit. 
Laura Jackson
Renaissance woman, jack of all trades, polymath. Whether presenting on TV, writing cookbooks, designing homewares or clothing (most recently with TRS favourite Rixo) Laura is always on the go.  She has a refreshing lack of vanity and her instagram feed is a true expression of her love for bold fashion choices.
Lucy Williams
If you follow Lucy already you'll know why we love her. The influencer with the most interesting stamps on her passport Lucy regularly takes us on a virtual escape to some of the most lust worthy places in the world. And always dressed in the most stylish of outfits to match of course. See more here.
Pandora Sykes
Freelance writer and co-host of pop culture podcast The High-Low Pandora is known for her eclectic sense of personal style.  A voracious vintage hunter she has long been shopping on our wave length. Favouring collectors items, buying quality over quantity and celebrating and supporting transparency in the industry.
Shini Park
London-based Creative Director, Photographer and Web Designer tells a digital story through her beautifully curated instagram feed and website.  Her eye for an original composition has led to work with some of the biggest fashion brands. 
Sarah Corbett-Winder
A self confessed shopaholic, Sarah is always the best dressed person at a party. Through her genuine love for clothes she has built up a curated collection of occasion wear that is now available to rent via Sarah's Wardrobe. TRS approved!
Victoria Sekrier
The Russian native, former model and London based stylist has worked for every top publication you can think of.  Often caught back in front of the camera the street style star is known for her mix of ladylike and tailored aesthetic.