The Resolution Store was founded by Anna Sutton & Alicia Waite. 

Alicia Waite, a former journalist who’s written for the likes of Elle UK and The Daily Telegraph, now works as a creative consultant and content creator for fashion and lifestyle brands. 

Anna Sutton co-founded women’s sleepwear brand YOLKE and now works as a creative business consultant.

Anna - "I've worked brand-side for years, and seeing influencer culture grow exponentially, it is an inevitable part of the job that influencers are both gifted and buy a lot of clothes and have a huge amount of followers who would love to buy into their style. I became both conscious and curious of what was happening to the huge amount of clothing that donned the backs of the stylish influencers." 

Alicia - "Just because a piece isn’t current season, doesn’t mean it hasn’t taken a huge amount of work – as well as water, energy, natural (or non-natural) fibres. It really bothers me that they might end up languishing at the back of someone’s wardrobe unwanted, when they could be having a life elsewhere." 


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